An invisible man and a nice cup of tea

This is a post from another blogging site I run, I’m going to reblog a few old posts that fit more or less with my Maid in Britain theme … bear with me, there will be more new material soon.


On dimly lit suburban streets, in the hours before dawn, it’s as silent as our world can be.

Up in the lofty fir trees, knowing owls watch for prey.

Foxes prowl through tangled brambles growing beyond neat garden fences.

And six days a week, a bold human interloper joins in that world of the fox and the owl.

All year round, he makes his halting progress. Down avenues, round crescents. Up terraces, through lanes.

Gliding along, with a purr and a whine. The occasional rattle of glass on glass. Or the click of a latch on a rare shut gate.

He floats through this crepuscular world, powered by an invisible force.


‘He’ is Keith, our milkman. And electricity powers his milk float.DSCN1349 (2)

The forerunner of the electric milk float first took to the streets of London in 1889 – at the hectic speed of 2 mph. By the late…

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