Maid? Don’t I mean made?

Yes, I mean ‘made’. But the reason this blog is called ‘Maid in Britain’ is because (a)  I’d never have got Made in Britain as a dotcom, (b) it was the sweet if inaccurate nickname a one-time amour, whose native language was Swiss French, gave me. He is no longer of this world, so this is by way of an ‘in memoriam’, but I’m sure he would chuckle at the idea.

The idea?

That this female (neither a maid in the unmarried sense, nor a maid in the serves-you-tea and dusts-your-books sense) likes to see things being made, or visit the places where things were made. She likes just a soupçon of history, lashings of scenery, a good sprinkling of machinery, all seasoned with a hefty pinch of the personal. She hopes you do too.